Reflective Essay Writing Guide - 2022

Reflective Essay Writing Guide - 2022 - student project

Essay writing, an activity, you must have heard and performed often if you still belong to a school or academic college. Essays have varieties, based on the context, style argument, and nature of the argument as well. Not everyone finds this activity interesting, however, when assigned, it is necessary to learn and perform effectively to get good grades.

Essay writing as a technique makes you learn a lot. It helps a writer to read, write and question the realities of the world critically. If you are a beginner essay writer, and as you have entered school or college and you have been bombarded with a list of essay writing activities and assignments, you might have gone crazy so far. Might be a case that You almost do not like the word “essay” and “essay writing “among all the given options, you are allowed to choose one anymore. Simultaneously, if you belong to a school or college for more than a year or so, you might now have enough reasons to like essay writing activities among all given activities as well.

If you do not find essay writing an especially reflective essay writing as an interesting and self-reflective technique you might not like the field of writing at all. You must develop your interest and that is only possible if you begin by writing on topics related to your interest. Reflective essay writing is one such technique that can help you with discovering and understanding your interests and develop your interest in writing accordingly.

Now the discussion begins with the question: what is a reflective essay and how is it going to help you with developing your interest in essay writing? The answer is very simple. A reflective essay is a piece of literature that you write based on your personal experiences and observations.

A reflective essay might be the kind of writing when you have been given a piece of literature written by someone else and asked to read and write your opinions about it to understand what you learned out of it. Because otherwise, you could easily ask anyone to write my essay for me and I will pay you but that would not do any good to you and your knowledge will remain the same and your ideas undiscovered. So, if you are interested to learn, here is the guide for you.

Before you confuse reflective essays with the formal and informal forms of writing. Let me tell you clearly, it is an academic form of writing, completely formal but based on your personal experiences and what effect that piece of literature has caused on your life. The basic purpose of this sort of essay is to help you develop an understanding of critical thinking, develop self-knowledge and create your own opinion of the world in your essay!

The next basic step to proceed with writing, especially reflective essay writing, holds much importance for the reader as well as the writer himself. If you do not find yourself much convinced to work and learn to develop your interest in writing, you would never be able to learn it at all and produce a good piece of literature and the reader could easily judge it from your writing as well.

Key steps to write an effective reflective essay:

  •         Hook the reader with an interesting opening essay statement.
  •         Begin with a basic introduction paragraph by stating how and why the given topic, idea, or piece of literature has impacted you that made you talk about that in your reflective essay as well.
  •        Before starting to write my essay do not forget that tone, format, and paragraph structuring very clearly attracts or repels the reader towards and away from an essay.
  •         Brainstorm and make a mind map for your understanding that what ideas or questions you are going to hit in your essay
  •         Begin writing your first draft of the essay by freewriting but do not jumble up the ideas without keeping a check on the parts of your essay
  •         Follow the introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion pattern.
  •         As soon as you are done writing, take a break and begin again by reading and proofreading your document from a reader’s perspective.

I would not be saying that writing a reflection is a piece of cake because I have also passed that phase and trust me it does need guidance at every little step. Not everyone is that efficient to grasp it all at very instant. So even after reading this guidance post, you still believe you want more help, you can utilize the option of contacting and getting help from a college essay writer service company. And it is completely fine to not go that hard on yourself. You can look out for some help and it’s a good learning process as well.

The steps mentioned above might sound so easy and might make you think a reflection essay is an easiest and most interesting essay to work on; however, that might not be true. If you miss any part of the given process, you might lack much from your learning and your essay as well.  Sharing your experiences and thoughts by being completely formal and academic in writing, can make ways for you to effectively grasp another formal type of academic writing process as well. All you need to do is stay connected, be consistent and work hard!

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