Reflections Make Your Picture Come Alive

Reflections Make Your Picture Come Alive - student project

Hi Everyone,

I love water and it has always been important that I live next to it. We spent 9 years by the Pacific Ocean and now have put in over 20 years by Kootenay Lake and the Slocan River.

As I look at my paintings over the years I see that 'reflections' are in about 90% of my work.

So it's no wonder that I started a class on reflections. Water reflections are a great place to start. 

Start with a simple drawing so you can concentrate on the technique that will make your picture shine and glow. The drawing in the video is very easy to follow.

I have used this technique in hundreds of paintings and it works every time. Here are a few points to keep in mind as you complete your project.

1- Keep your edges soft in the reflection. Hard edges are best kept above the reflection.

2- What's good for the top is good for the bottom. ( Mirror image )

3-Darks get lighter

4- Mid-tones stay the same

5- Lights get darker

Here is a good example of a painting that uses these principals. I painted this one going across the Lake and it took about 20 minutes. I I then polished it up at home in the studio.

Vertical 'thrusts' always bring out some drama in your sky and water.

See you in class and do post some pictures so we can all learn together.

Artist / Art Teacher