RedCrown - Canada

RedCrown -  Canada - student project

Name & Location: Temitopé Owolabi | Ottawa, ON Canada

Brand Name:  REDCROWN

Red - Crown

pronounced  [red]  [kroun]




Slogan / Mission Statement:

          RedCrown lives by one slogan - “Loyalty is all we know”. This motto is epitomized by a humble and loyal mindset, being devoted to our team members, all our followers and ourselves. In all we do, we always endeavor to work hard and stay positive.




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About us :

What is RedCrown?

           The name RedCrown derives from Egyptian mythology, symbolizing the pharaoh’s control over Lower Egypt; the king of Lower Egypt wore the crown to represent his control over creating change. Our reason behind choosing this name, was to show loyalty to one another. When you wear RedCrown you become part of our family; a royal family built on loyalty.

Who is RedCrown ?

          RedCrown is a unique clothing brand established in Ottawa , in the year 2012 and now based in Toronto, Canada. Myself Temitopé Owolabi (Co Founder / Strategic Planner & Social Media Rep) and three other individuals initially started the brand: Waleed Khurshid (Founder / Head Designer & Creative Lead) , Joel Medora (Co Founder / Operations & Product Manager) , and Stacie Dapointe (Graphic & Web Designer). Our brand represents a lifestyle; a view of urban streetwear, embodied in quality clothing. Our collections incorporate garments with unique designs and prints, as well as cut/sew products.

Our Work History

           In a fashion world oversaturated with gimmicks and clichés, it is hard to find a brand that stands out above the rest. As you can see through our collection  below there is a progression of images which displays all of our work thus far.


Newest Capsule:

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A RedCrown x Undaunted Triumph Collaboration

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What Inspires and Motivates us?

         Current fashion trends, music, art, as well as family and friends inspire us. What truly motivates us is success, and the passion in doing the things that we love. 

          There has definitely been ups and downs throughout the process of starting this brand. But so far the journey and foundation of building RedCrown as an independent brand has just begun. As we channel our ideas and goals throughout this course and project workspace, we hope to learn, gain and aquire as much as we possibly can not only from Jeff Staple himself but also from all members of this innovative design & creative network. 

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