Red Mage: Attempt in Monochrome

Red Mage: Attempt in Monochrome - student project

For this project, I was really inspired by the fourth exercise: "Make Some Rules." I wanted to make a painting with my red art supplies. I really like working with watercolor, it's a medium that even though I might not be the best at, I want to improve. Another medium that I also want to get better at and I think works great with watercolor is marker! 


As a subject, I chose to take inspiration from one of my favorite video games right now, Final Fantasy XIV: Online, and decided to paint my favorite job: Red Mage. Here is the first go; sketch and base watercolor layer: 


Since I was doing this as an excise, I also wanted to practice making portraits. 


after this layer, this is where I added marker: 


There are a few things where I know I can improve, but taking this class really inspired me to pick up a brush again and I hope I can continue to fit in art into my life.