Red Lines

Red Lines - student project

I feel my mind always tricks me when I try to draw from life and it fills in how I think things look instead of what they actually look like. So this was a perfect exercise for me.

Above: following shadow lines. I did a few overlapping each other.  

Below: feeling lines. My face (haha).

I really enjoyed these exercises, not thinking about the outcome too much and just let the pen draw the lines. I was quite excited to see what I had put on the paper after feeling my face... I had no idea this would be the outcome :D

Below exercise number 3: blind drawing a tiny cactus on my desk.

And number 4: the same cactus, but with looking at the paper as well. I cheated a bit on the continuous line here... I also tried it on a pair of scissors. I like that one!

With all this getting my mind in the right state, I figured I should use this and actually draw something more complicated with these exercises in mind, so I googled an image of people on a bench. Trying not to draw the people, but just the lines I saw in the photograph. I like how the man on the right turned out, actually.

Thank you for your class. 

lllustrator and graphic designer