Ray Mawst - Lettering and Illustration

Ray Mawst - Lettering and Illustration - student project

Update: 08/04/15

I am starting to vectorize my logo, and I think it is coming along nicely! The vectoring process helped me refine letter spacing, so I think my logo is starting to look a lot more tight.

Below, I look at styling it a bit.

Update: 08/04/15

I am starting to vectorize my logo and I'm excited to put some more time in tomorrow :)

Here is how the Capital R is turning out so far.


First of all thanks for taking the time to check out my project! I've been wanting to rebrand myself with a more expressive piece of lettering, so when I saw this class I signed up right away. I have been practicing handlettering for just over a year now, but I haven't focused too much on the calligraphic side of it; actually using the tool to write out the word and have it be perfect a la prima (all in one go). I wasn't able to nail my piece the exact way I wanted it with just using the brush pen, so eventually I used some of my hand lettering techniques to get my design closer to where I wanted it. 

I haven't explored how I want secondary information to be treated, but for the time being I have locked it up below my last name, just because it fits there nice and snug, and I think helps balance the logo as a whole. 

I am curious what everyone thinks. I definitely want my logo to be legible, but I also want it to be a bit expressive. Let me know if you have any thought of how it might be improved. Thanks!

Below I have collaged a lot of the work that comprised my process. I first have all my loose pencil sketches, then my brush pen warm ups/practice, stabs at writing out my logo in different ways, and this all leads up to where I am now. 

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