Quirky is my middle name

Quirky is my middle name - student project

I had fun painting these objects. I didn’t get to paint every day for two weeks so it took me a little longer to do all the prompts. I use Daniel Smith watercolors usually but I had issues from the first prompt with their transparency - specifically painting the whole donut and then putting the frosting and sprinkles on. So I switched to W&N gouache and that helped a lot.



Halfway through the prompts my new set of gouache paints arrived in the mail (Arteza set of 24) and I am so glad I got them. They are super cheap but the colors are saturated and all mix well together. Great for practicing because I’m sure they aren’t light fast. My paper isn’t the best quality so excuse all the ripples and shadows from using both sides of the page. I really enjoyed these - thanks so much for the inspiration!











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