Puff Stitch Beanie

Puff Stitch Beanie - student project

Really pleased with how this turned out, my daughter is even more pleased now she has a hat that can keep her curls in check. I’ve had fun with this project and enjoyed every step. Ok I lie, I accidentally put 2 puff stitches in when I was only meant to do 1 and then did 3 rounds before I noticed that wasn’t so fun. But other than that I enjoyed watching the hat come together and grow. Can’t wait to make loads for various special occasions.. next though, Hubby and my 2 boys all want one, hopefully I'll manage to make myself one before next winter! Lol My first isn’t perfect, but it’s a whole lot closer to it than I expected as a dyspraxic who’s never crocheted in the round or with a magic loop before! (The magic loop took the longest to get the hang of, but thanks to the videos in this class I was able to see as many times as I needed how to keep it under control.) And only actually started crocheting about a week ago!