Project Template

Project Template - student project

**Feel free to copy and paste this template into your own project.**

 I. My Event

Share a short description of your event—the feel, the look, the tone, the guests. Look back over the Project Steps for ideas!

II. The Piece I'm Planning

Share a few lines and/or images describing the piece you'll calligraph—what it is, what it says, how you'll create it, and what it means for your event.

Look back over the Project Steps for considerations about content, timing, tools, and recipients.

Feel free to share several ideas and ask the class for help refining you project. 

III. My Finished Piece

Show off your final piece! Take photos from a few different angles, share photos from the event, and let us know any special reactions from your guests.

Be sure to share a few lines about your artistic choices, including script style, layout, alignment, sizing, and special materials.

Alyssa Demirjian

Head of Brand & Content