Project 1: I love coffee

Project 1: I love coffee - student project

Hi guys, I'm a freelance illustrator based in Santiago, Chile :)

I apologize if I have spelling or grammar issues, my mother language is spanish, so I'm going to (try) to explain the steps I followed for my project.

First I started with a sketch.

Next, I made a new layer for drawing. I have lots of brushes, but for this project I decided to use default PS brushes only:

I wanted the drawing to look a bit rough, inky... I don't know how to say that in english, sorry U_U. So I played a bit with the brush presets.

For the main contours of the drawing I used a 10px sized brush and for the details I used a 5px sized brush.

Scattering is the preset that I used to make the lines look kind of rough.

Then, I made a new layer for color. I did not know about the pencil tool and I love it. Painting is just much faster. For the tiny color details I used the brush tool.

For the coffee vapor I used the salty watercolor brush :)

And here is my project. I hope you like it, I had tons of fun! :D