Procereate DREAMS Coming True

Procereate DREAMS Coming True - student project

Learning which animation mode to use and how to best apply the different features of Procreate Dreams, this class seemed like a great opportunity to start. Animating patterns has been on my mind for a while - understanding the foundations while using simple shapes helped immensely. 

I am sooo glad this class exists! I had a lot of fun and now I am ready to continue exploring Procreate Dreams further without feeling overwhelmed and not knowing were to start. 

To sum up the overall experience of this class, there's only one word: 

Thank you, Esther for creating this


The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to place the animations here on Skillshare. Let's give this another shot:




PS. I've also posted the animations on instagram. If you're curious to see the full versions, check out