Playing the game

Playing the game - student project

Johnny arrived at the park bench. Am I really doing this? It was nearly pitch black, but he still managed to figure out what Bran was holding – a baseball bat.

“So you came.” -said Bran

“I told you I would. You know I need more -”

“You got it?”

Johnny pulled out the pistol from his pocket.


“But look… this is not a game. You know what we came for. We get her then –“

“Yeah, yeah I know. We just take her and leave. Chill dude”

Johnny cocked the gun and aimed it at Bran’s head.

“I swear to god I’ll pull it the next time you tell me to chill.”

“Jesus bro it’s okay, we just walk in, walk out. It will be quick”

“One more thing. Don’t hurt her or this is my last one.” said Johnny

“Stop lying to yourself…” laughed Bran “You are an addict. You are in it for the feeling, just like ev- .”

 “Shut up.”

Bran jumped up from the bench and waved towards the fence.

“So you comin’?”

Johnny had no other options, he followed his partner. As Bran vaulted over the fence, he got that sweet rush of adrenaline. This was the feeling that he has been missing for so long. Finally I’m in again.

“What now?” asked Johnny

As an answer, Bran, with a huge smile on his face, swung the bat and broke the window.

They heard a scream.

“What the fuck mate?! Are you out of your mind?!” shouted Johnny

“Just hurry”