Play Mad World - Beginners, only 4 chords needed!

Play Mad World - Beginners, only 4 chords needed! - student project

You might be new to 'Pain-Free Piano' or you may have done it a while ago and want to refresh your piano chord skills by checking out the entirely re-shot/updated/super-duper version of 'Pain-Free Piano'!

Go on go and have a dive back in if it's been a while - then come back to learn this song - which sounds amazing on the piano. I'm going to be updating my projects a lot more often - I'm hoping to give you a couple of weeks to really get into learning a song then I'll post a new one. Would love to hear what you'd like to learn. 

This song is really pretty simple (how we like it) But in the video, you'll have lots of opportunities to take some of the skills you've learned in the course. Best of all you'll only need to know four chords to play the entire thing!

I'd love it if you could either leave a review or even better post a response to this project of you playing - it would be brilliant to hear all of you playing! Lets celebrate each other's learning and success :)

Can't wait to hear what you create

Love Simon