Plant care tips

Plant care tips - student project

Hi everyone!

Tom, thanks a lot for the class, it was really interesting to participate!

I chose taking care of plants as a topic. Boring maybe, but during the pandemic it became my huge hobby, so why not.


Essential plant care tips:

- Prune your plants

- Keep an eye on bugs

- Do not over-water

- But humidity is important :)

- Carefully replant when needed

- Create a stable and predictable environment, plants usually enjoy it.



Sketches are pretty rough, but decided to show them anyway.

About palette - I have decided to take vibrant, fresh colors - to create the association with the spring, new life, something like this)


Also since I wanted this project to look like a set of editorial illustrations, I made one big  illustration which reflect the essential idea of the topic and can be used as a heading. I guess it also can be called a spot, but like more complicated one:)


And here are actual spots - replanting, watering, checking for bugs etc


Again - thanks a lot for the class, I really enjoyed it. This tasks made me think in unusual way and try some new things!