Pitch for BestSelf Co.: Your Kickass Content Writer

Pitch for BestSelf Co.: Your Kickass Content Writer - student project

The journey to achieving our true potential starts with a dream yet becomes possible with actionable planning, and careful tracking to ensure consistent execution. While there are many methodologies and apps that promise results, it is easy to fall into pitfalls of busywork, get overwhelmed and turn away from commitments.

Discovering your invaluable offerings at BestSelf Co. and studying your launch story since Kickstarter has strengthened my confidence in cracking those problems with a vision; "It is possible to help ambitious humans realize their dreams in a way that is straightforward, unique and beautiful." On scale.

A quick glance at your blog shows that you already care about building and nurturing an engaged audience around your offerings.

Can we do this even better?

How an entrepreneur's productivity challenges compare to a mom's? Where and how a designer fails to measure her goals for the side business of her dreams? Building on insights from customer stories, interviews, and surveys, content can be delivered strategically to address exact needs and problems of everyone we seek to help.

Empowered with the insights, we can and brainstorm on headlines. Although not a match for Cathryn and Allen's experience in selecting topics, here are some pitches I would come up with aimed at addressing typical needs.

Stop First to Move Forward: How to say "no" so that scheduled time truly becomes non-negotiable. Cite Jim Camp's "Start with No" as an interesting angle.

Know What You Are Tracking: Help users write and track better success indicators. Inspire through a real Big Data story where effective measurement was key to success.

Stay Mindful to Your Habitual Patterns: Spot and change habitual patterns through mindful attention. Quote from Charles Duhigg's "Power of Habit" and Leo Babauta's "zenhabits" blog.

Additionally, hinting uncovered and subtle advantages of the SELF journal would be an interesting experiment that is in line with your business goals.

Unlike most productivity literature that can get inapplicable and burdensome, SELF journal customers can jump right into action by following the intuitive, uncluttered print interface.

Unlike most productivity apps where data cannot be exported, customers of SELF journal enjoy true ownership of their memories of life accomplishments in a tangible way. Not to mention the advantage of not having to forever tweak a product for "performance."

Hinting how your offerings compare to competition can reaffirm customer trust and increase brand value.

If you are seeking partnership with an entrepreneurial productivity junkie who understands your offerings and cares about delivering a well-tailored content experience, we should talk further details in an interview.