Peperomia - student project

This is a Pepper face plant or Peperomia plant that I purchased back in April 2017. At first, I had this plant situated on the counter in my kitchen and it was receiving very little light (except for when I opened the kitchen blinds to a North facing window about 2m away). In October of 2017, I properly transplanted this plant into a ceramic pot and moved it 2ft. away from a sunny South facing window. I have also started misting this Peperomia about 1x a week or every week and half (depending on how well I remember). I noticed that once I moved the plant, transplanted it and started misting it, it has started to produce some new growth on top. I also placed a fertilizer stick in it's pot in the Summer. I let the soil in the pot dry out completely before watering. I was overwatering this plant before (1-2x a week). This plant maybe gets watered 1x every two weeks now to be happy. 


I had a second smaller plant (or offshoot maybe?) in the pot die off 5 months ago and that's when I started to change the care of this plant. I was determined not to have another houseplant die on me! Whenever I see the first sign of any parts of this plant start to wilt, I immediately pinch off the leaves and new ones begin to form! I'm so happy this plant has survived!