Pear pudding and strawberry scones

Pear pudding and strawberry scones - student project


Made another one, now without black lines =) Very much inspired by Ohn Mar "Victoria Sandwich" and "Let's Bake Scones" pictures

A recipe is from a website and here is the link Vanilla scones with strawberry cream

I also put the name of the recipe author and website on the picture itself =)

Inspiration board

So, doodles and layout

Result (once again, I preferred fonts I had to my handwriting =))

Dear Ohn Mar,

Thank you so much for this class, it was really inspiring and after watching the intro I realised that I came across a lot of your pictures on pinterest and they always grab attention =) So learning your working process is a bit like a Christmas =D

I haven't done the recipe, more like a postcard, but I learned a lot for sure, I'm using layers now in Illustrator, yay! =D

So here is the mood board

Here are the doodles

And this is the result. I kind of went overboard with textures =D Didn't do the lettering, used a font instead =)

Thank you for sharing your art technique and inspiration, Ohn Mar! 


Photographer & Illustrator