Peacock Pearls

Peacock Pearls - student project

I loved this design when I saw it.  It took awhile to order and receive the tubing and find pearls, but once I had all the materials, I was anxious to make these.  My biggest issue was trying to drill into the tubing.  My drill bit kept skittering along the silver.  I ruined one piece because the drill bit finally caught onto the silver close to one edge rather than in the middle.  I've been using that piece to try and figure out a way to make a divot for the drill to grab onto.  I managed to make divots in the other pieces (though also flattened one of the smaller tubes into an oval and then had to try and round it out again.)  I still haven't come up with a foolproof way to make a divot...

Joanne, I'm curious how your drill was able to go straight into the tubing without jumping around? I also have a small drill press, but couldn't make it go straight into the tubing.  I finally was able to drill using my flex shaft.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!