Peach Rings Redesign

Peach Rings Redesign - student project

Ohhh, this was so fun!

I decided to do a redesign of one of my favorite candies - Vegan Peach Rings from Green Star!

Here's the original packaging (pretty boring):

The packaging got a rethink on materials, from a basic plastic bag to an eco pouch, as well as a total makeover design-wise. It needed to be more fun!

The back of pack had all information in five different languages (that's usually how it is here in northern europe) but I figured come on, everyone knows English. 

I also wanted to highlight the fact that these are vegan, but in a less obvious way than the original VEEEGAAAN on the front. Instead I added a cute lil pig (since the candies don't have gelatin) and a vegan quote/slogan.

Hope you like it! 


Stockholm, Sweden