Pattern Lovin'

Pattern Lovin' - student project


Finally jumping into color with two of my pattern pairs. I may try something with the last pair sometime but for now, here are my two favorites.

Thae hardest part for me was condensing down the colors I liked. I like them all. :)


I came up with three contrasting concepts that worked well for my taste in patterns.

The first is "Hard and Soft." I love the intricacies of lace(soft) and I wanted to pair that delicate nature with something equally feminine(hard) - diamonds. This one is my favorite out of my three patterns and it was really hard for me not to jump right into color. :)

The next contrasting pair is "Air and Water." I decided to take a more literal approach with the environments shown. This pair is my second favorite.

And the last of my three pairs is "Heavy and Light." Again, this one leans more toward the abstract qualities of lace. The value contrast is purposfully higher in the first, adding to the "light/subtle" quality of the last.