Paris in November

Paris in November - student project

I chose these images from a weekend trip I took to Paris in November. Although they were not taken specifically for this project, I enjoyed using the project guidelines to sort through the images from my trip, picking a wide variety of pictures that truly capture the experiences and tone of Paris that weekend.

All images are shot on my Galaxy S5 and edited in VSCO. 


1. Off the beaten path.

I shot this image on the platform while waiting for the train. I love the way the light hits the display board, creating that triangle right in the center of the image that feels like it really draws the eye. I also like the strong likes that are drawn on the roof, and I feel like the image beautifully captures the unseen moments of waiting for a train. I do wish the image had been slightly more underexposed so that the clock was readable, but I also think that the too-bright face brings a timelessness to the image that I like.  


2. Bird's eye.

This image of the Louvre was taken from one of the upper windows in the museum. Although I didn't plan the timing, it was near sunset, and I love the tone that the light creates in the image. The lighting was perfect, casting a gray haze that perfectly mirrors the feeling of that November weather. I love the way that the pyramid seems to glow with warmth while the rest of Paris is blanketed in early-winter chill.



3. Middle of the road.

I took this picture from a balcony in the Louvre, looking down at the "Winged Victory of Samothrace." I like the feeling of movement that the people create, and the life that it brings to the museum. 


4. Signs of life.

I took this photo while at the top of the Notre Dame. I really like the balance it has with the beautiful architecture emphasized on one half of the frame, and the tourists looking at everything from the other. I'm also glad the gargoyles were in the center of the image; although they're not technically "alive," they have always felt like the city guardians to me, and I am glad that I captured the permanent residents of the Notre Dame next to her daily visitors.


5. Postcard

I had two images that I felt really filled the "postcard" assignment. The first was taken from the tower of the Notre Dame. The entire tower was covered with this netting, I assume to prevent people from dropping things over the railing. However, there were several spots where the netting had torn, and most people were holding their phones up to the hole to get a clear shot of the skyline. I, however, really liked the way that the hole framed the Eiffel Tower. Not only does it really emphasize the structure, but I also feel like it emulates the feeling of being a tourist, with the city semi-obscured by the netting and wires and only the major attraction in focus.

My second image was taken of the Mona Lisa. I was amused by the number of people trying to get a selfie with the painting, and I had no desire to take a picture of the painting myself. There are plenty of pictures like that online! Instead, I decided to try to get a picture of others taking selfies, and I was pleased with the result. Although the Mona Lisa is very prominent in the picture, it also focuses on the experience of seeing her in the Louvre, and I like the way it brings the life of the museum into the photograph.


Thank you for taking the time to view my project! I welcome feedback. I am still learning a lot about photography, and I would love some pointers from others more experienced, especially regarding my editing.