Paris Fromage w/ Jared Leopard

Paris Fromage w/ Jared Leopard - student project

Yo everyone! My name is Jared Leopard, and unlike Stevesweatpants, I do enjoy some fine french cheeses with no biases to other cheeses. I'm a Paris based photographer, audio engineer, producer/DJ. Here are my selects for the class project! I hope you enjoy them and if you do, come say hi to me on instagram.

IG: JaredLeopard


Twitter: JaredLeopard

          1. Shooting Scale

          2. Showcasing Light

          3. Complementary Colors

          4. Vanishing Points 

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions about the shots, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks to Steve for sharing his knowledge and skillshare for hosting!


IG: JaredLeopard