Papercut branding exercise

Papercut branding exercise - student project

I've been working on a new identity for my freelance business for what seems like forever. To keep me interested I've been working through some skillshare classes to sharpen my dulled mind. This class kind of gave me a push to add to a design I had kicking around. I've been watching your other classes and have always been amazed at the level of detail, texture and dimension in your work. I know illustrator fairly well but I picked up a ton of tips in this class that will add to my skill set.

One thing I can recommend (and wonder if they play any role in the work you do) is the astute graphics suite of plug-ins. They save me a ton of time and heartache. In this example I used the stipplism plug-in to shade the interior of the letters, colliderscribe for the large dot pattern in the circle, vectorscribe to clean up my shapes and round corners. 

I still have a ton more work I want to put into this and will see where I go with this after watching the rest of your videos... Cheers!


Graphic Designer and Ne'er Do Well