Paisley Elegance

Paisley Elegance - student project

The structure of Bärbel’s classes is perfect! Starting with journey to the history of Paisley  is so inspiring and it really helps to understand principles of design process. As well as reason of popularity of Paisley nowadays. After finishing the class I saturated myself in reviewing Etro’s collections. It’s so interesting!

For class project I challenged myself to create  some sort of overall pattern. I started with the central element of composition and then one by one added other elements. Symmetry tool in Procreate makes this process a little bit easy as you can see the full pattern while drawing.

Paisley Elegance - image 1 - student project

Color pallette: I picked three shades of blue; light and dark coral and white as accents. This combination is clear and fresh with some marine vibes. I can imagine this print on swimsuits and summer clothes. It looks great as wallpaper and wrapping paper as well.

Paisley Elegance - image 2 - student project
Paisley Elegance - image 3 - student project

I’ve made a couple of additional patterns using elements from my Hero print:

Paisley Elegance - image 4 - student project

I’ve created another color version in violet tones for this design. Recently it has been printed on fabric and my mom made a beautiful sweatshirt of it. I’m so happy with the result of this class)))

Paisley Elegance - image 5 - student project


Also I made a short video about creating this lovely Paisley pattern. Thank you for watching


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