Painting Machines Concepts

Painting Machines Concepts - student project

Pulse Rifle

I've started watching this course a few days ago and never thought drawing machines would be so much fun. I'm happy with how the pulse rifle turned out in the end, even though there are things I'd do differently next time. 

I started with some silhouette tests based on an existing rifle before I found a form I liked and went on to the sketch. But other than that I followed the course step by step.


I might come back to the gun and add some more details and maybe some decals later, but for now I call it finished and can hopefully move on to the next project soon. I'm definitely going to draw more weapons in the future though, I had such a blast with this one!


Space Ship

(I'm skipping the car for now, but will get back to that later)

I've done some silhouettes so far, though it took me a while to get into it. Now I'm going to let them sink in for a bit before deciding which one to take further. I hope this one will turn out nice - next update hopefully soon!