Paint in realtime with Gabrielle

Paint in realtime with Gabrielle - student project

First of all thanks so much for this brilliant class. A new class from Gaby is a huge event for me! So I really took my time with this. My intention was to follow along completely step by step and pay attention to the strokes Gabrielle was making and also all the decisions going into this painting. I did not skip a second! I believe this is the best way to learn from an instructor. Also helping was that I could see how Gabrielle was holding the pencil.

I never thought that I would ever draw digitally but I fell in love with this medium completely. However the learning curve was and is steep and I think I have far to go. I enjoyed following along with this process, it felt very natural to me and made complete sense. I think that is because I started drawing traditionally and this process was traditional feeling.  These brushes are all also very natural and easy to use.

The parts about edges and composition were real eye openers for me and presented very clearly and made so easy to understand, which I believe is a gift Gabrielle has. I always have a huge issue with simplifying, which is something I really want to get better at. I also really want to learn how to be quicker with painting. Another thing is I want to not feel that my end result looks too much like the photo. Personally,  i love to be looser but end up developing a tunnel vision that makes me focus on drawing too much of the details. Seeing how Gabrielle played with colors made me very excited for future paintings. I can’t wait to apply everything I learned here.

Thank you so much Gabrielle, it was a fantastic experience to paint along with you.

Please feel free to critique my painting






Learning with Skillshare and loving it..