Paint along with Gabrielle

Paint along with Gabrielle - student project


I loved this class, it was such a nice experience to approach things from a completely different perspective, try out a different painting process, and learn so much while doing it!

I have never had the courage to paint without the structure of a drawing and painting directly in shapes felt so out of my comfort zone but once I started I enjoyed the process thoroughly.

The second problem I struggled with was painting from the blurred version. I'm someone that goes way too early into details and not being able to see them felt so strange to me. But once I reduced the opacity of the blurred version photo and merged it with the simplified filter photo beneath, I was able to paint the shapes without going into details, this felt so freeing and I was enjoying the process like never before. It was probably my favorite part of the painting. 

It helped me to forget about details and not always try to paint exactly what I see.


This is something that I don't want to miss doing anymore. It's one of the biggest takeaways for me from this class. I also loved the part where Gabrielle was talking about the composition and how to lead the viewer's eyes and also the part where she was handling the edges.  I would love to see a class where she focuses more on edges and the balance between soft/hard and lost ones.


Here I am sharing the final result and my WIPs from beginning to end.

I still think that I might have added too much detail at the end, I don't know. :) I am still trying to find the perfect balance


Thank you so much for the wonderful class, Gabrielle!






One never stops learning..