Package Design Student Challenge!

Package Design Student Challenge! - student project

JUST FILMED THIS SESSION LIVE! You can view the video right here! on Facebook Or Youtube!

The NEXT Student Design Challenge is here! EVERY 
submitted project will be reviewed live on October 1st at 10AM (EST). The video will be live and posted on my Facebook page, student Facebook groups and on YouTube if you cannot make the live video or you do not have Facebook.

Your task to to create/design your own food package design. This can be any food or beverage package (bags, boxes, cereals, bars etc.). The only requirement is it must be food related packaging.

You can create your own food brand or decide to take an already existing food brand and reinvent their look/feel.

You do not have to apply your designs on mock-ups or 3D models like the examples I created here. It does help to show off your final design, but it is not a requirement to participate. There are several places to find great mock-up graphics including if you are interested in doing so.

When you create your design think about:

1.) Your target audience (who will be buying your food project? kids, teens, adults?)

2.) Keep in mind colors and typography that will attract people in a busy overcrowded supermarket shelf. You may design in a more bold manner for a food package than you would a brochure.

3.) Think about the overall branding. Does your type, colors and the photos you choose all go together well and work as one unit?

4.) Also be thinking about how you would get this printed if this were to ever be a viable product someday. Will it need spot finishes? Special types of textures, papers or cardboard (recycled, linen blends etc.). Would you want to use any type of foil stamping, embossing or special effects?

Do not be intimidated by this project. Some of you have never done a project before let alone a package design. Do not feel the need to have it be "perfect". You guys are all in at different skill levels and I keep that in mind when I review projects.

There will be a BEST IN SHOW winner who produces a package design with the best balance of the above qualities. Their design and website/instagram will be sent out to all students.

You can submit your project in the student facebook group or right here as a Skillshare project in this class! 

If you are intersted in creating the chocolate bar you see in the image above I have a skillshare class that walks you through that project! 


Various package design projects I have done over the years.

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