Pacific Northwest Malas

Pacific Northwest Malas - student project

I am a very passionate person.  I am passionate, in fact, about so many things that it is really hard for me to create anything that will take off because I am constantly going in so many different directions.  I'm passionate about photography, I'm passionate about creating with my hands, especially with metal, I'm passionate about nature and connecting to it, I'm passionate about meditation and yoga, about mysticism, about searching for the divine in everything. 

So I think that Pacific Northwest Malas is finally my answer to marrying so many of these passions together.  I have created a line of malas that harness my knowledge of yoga and meditation while connecting to the earth, allowing me to bring in some of my passion for mysticism and giving me an opportunity to enjoy my photography skills while creating something beautiful with my hands.  

I want my brand to showcase mindfulness and a connection to the earth- to nature, to our souls and to the power within.  My website is . I have obvious plans of updating my domain address as soon as possible. 

Thanks Melanie! This course was very inspiring, especially for the storytelling aspect!

Taryn Scammell

Photography | Metalwork | Yoga | Malas