PRODUCTIVITY - student project

Day 1. Organizing my space

AMAZING CHANGE. I've been procrastinating on this task for years. Now I feel great and see lots of possibilities. For instance, I found all my certificates. Now I can keep on growing and creating!



Day 2. Distractions and writing everything down

Day 3. Prioritizing and going further


Here's what I've found out: I tried to get rid of unimportant tasks to have time for the important ones. I realized this emptiness is not real. It will never come. I've seen also that I feel guilty working on my personal and IMPORTANT projects. 

What I'm changing is: I will work every day on my important (personal and creative projects), FIRST THING in the morning. I have already started, and I intend to keep this way and expand. 

The second thing I'm starting to change with good results is: I will deliberately make short work sessions, with a beginning ritual and a Pomodoro timer. I'll let you know how it goes!