PIIMM Store - Put it in my mouth

PIIMM Store - Put it in my mouth - student project

For this social mission I will choose my own personal clothing brand PIIMM - Put it in my mouth. 

We are a bunch of guys that likes to put things in our mouths! PIIMM started in the summer of 2014 by @petuhjeon while sipping on beer and munching on some pretzels. Then, it dawned on us: since we love to eat and put things in our mouth, why not do something productive with our time and create of artwork and images relating to food?! Some of the things that we love to put in our mouth are ramen (the good kind obviously), coconut drinks, beer, and some good ol’ Texas BBQ.

We at PIIMM know that food is an essential part of peoples’ lives, and sometimes eating can be the best part of an otherwise stressful or tiring day. As a culture oriented around the concept of eating together, eating provides us the opportunities to not only consume the nutrients we need to live, but give us the chance to laugh, smile, and make memories together. 

Social Mission: We want to put food in mouths.

On a monthly basis, we count amount of apparel that we have sold then donate a % of the profit to help put food in peoples mouth. We want to help people others by not just donating canned food, but helping them have a long term food supply where people can teach others how to create a sustainable source of food. We want to help people in developing countries start a garden, chicken farms, or grow steady flow of crops so hey can eat the food they grow as well as go out and sell their food.

What do we tell our customers first?

Our apparel is quirky, weird, funny, and awkward.
Our t-shirts are $30 plus Shipping.
Our apparel are comfortable with a funny concept behind every apparel.

We don't want to be another lame tshirt company, we want customers to enjoy the experience of buying a PIIMM shirt. Every tshirt comes with great packaging and a story behind every shirt.

I want to partner with local artists around that have similar vision as we do. When you work with people who have the same vision, amazing things happen and great things are built.

Packaging (Exterior)

Packaging (Interior) - I want to create a fun and weird experience for my customers so we've opted the interior to have PIIMM stickers, candy, and pins that comes with the apparel.

Since we are from Austin and at every grocery store plastic bags are banned so we wanted design a bag that relates to our brand, but still is simple and functional (PIIMM - Put it in my mouth).

List of potiential partners

Tilapiana - Empowers rural entrepreneurs in developing worlds run their own fish farms while simultaneously closing nutritional gaps.

Hunger Project - Strategies seek to build people's capacities, leadership and confidence. They train women and men, equipping them with the skills, methods and knowledge needed to take self-reliant actions to improve their lives and conditions in their communities. Long term food supply and water for future generations.

Since people in these developing countries spend most of their day preparing food and water, these non-profits help them create a sustainable enviornment for them to spend less time worring about food and water so that the men and women in the villages can get an education.