Our Tips in Action

Our Tips in Action - student project

Here are a couple examples of the tips/tricks we use in this course. We wanted to show their non-destructive nature by showing how each tip is using editable shapes or live text.


Creating a Live Stipple Effect
Here’s an example of a shape (circle) and a series of shapes (circles inside a clipping mask) using an opacity mask (which is a gradient using specified raster effects). You can see how both the shapes and the effect itself is editable.


Building Realistic 3D from Scratch
This single square shape is not only creating a complex 3D shape using the power of the 3D bevel tool in illustrator... it’s also completely adjustable and can be changed on the fly using the same effects (make a pyramid look like a Devo hat!)


Using the Intertwine Tool
Both letters inside this intertwine are using live text. See how this variable font can be adjusted in real-time without affecting the layering of the intertwine lockup.


Text Tools: Filling Text
This text is live and completely editable, and it can also have a gradient fill and gradient stroke that can be updated without having to expand the font!


To play around with these example assets, feel free to download our 'Class Resources' illustrator file in the Projects & Resources tab.