Old Turtle

Old Turtle - student project

I really enjoyed playing with patterns in this class. Most of the coloring techniques I already knew but I had never thought of using patterns to combine it and it really gives it a great turn! I had some trouble balancing the colors in the shell, they where so many at a certain point I felt a bit overwhelmed with my choices. Appreciate feedback.


Every week I try to do a drawing from a site called "Illlustration Friday" where they post a word each week for your artistic inspiration and interpretation. This week the word was "old" I thought of an old turtle growing a coral reef on her back and wanted to try this lesson's technique on it. 

The picture from the turtle I found in google because unfortunatly I didn't have pcitures of turtles from my own. 

I looked for pictures of corals and combined them in the drawing. 

Really enjoed the whole process.

Thanks for the lesson Erla!