Ode to Bratislava, and DDC Thick Lines

Ode to Bratislava, and DDC Thick Lines - student project

Do people really take a little squeeze out of a mustard bottle like that?...  Anyway, happy to relax on a new project. Now, I am a big fan of Aaron's work despite me living across the great lake (good design spreads fast), so i chose to make an ode not only to my city but to him, or at least his work.

Pretty much everything (book) from DDC served really well as inspiration. I combined Aarons Thick Lines style with some remarkable landmarks I live around, and this is the result, hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed doing it. 


All three together

UFO (Restaurant Bystrica) - This flying saucer-shaped restaurant was build above river Danube in Bratislava between 1967 and 1972. This structure peeks in about 90 meter above ground, reminding us of brutalism in socialistic architecture.


Slavín - Monument build for the fallen soldiers of Soviet army who helped to liberate the city from occupying German Wehrmacht. It was constructed between 1957 and 1960 on the site of a field cemetery, where nearly 7 thousand 


Bratislava Castle - Pretty much the biggest pride of our city.  Its building started in 13th century, and ever since it lived throughout many great stories.


Well, where else could i get inspiration rather than this holy grail of awesome design...


Some sketches i started with.


And finally some iterations i used, or actually did not use... but that is what it was about right?

Lets create something nice...