November 30 Day Sketch a day Challenge

November 30 Day Sketch a day Challenge - student project

Here's my creation for DAY 1 - Fall, I decided to do a bit of stamping with some of my hand-carved stamps, using the colours of fall/autumn.

Here's my sketch for Day 2 - loving the gourds theme! I used gouache and tried to keep it quick!

Day 3 - Theme was colour, I challenged myself to go outside and sketch, this time with some markers in autumnal shades! It was interesting!

Day 4 - Theme was hay, found this theme a bit tricky! Went for a quick hay bale in the landscape sketch, watercolour wash, with some coloured pencil and black pen.

Day 5 - Theme was feast. There's an icecream called 'Feast' here in Ireland and the UK, that's what popped into my head, so I went with it! Sketched it in black pen first then decided to add some colour with brush markers.

Day 6 - Bonfire, quick sketch with black ink pen.

Day 7 - Home, a little doodling with some acrylic paint. Kept it loose and quick.

Day 8 - Gathering, back to some handcarved stamps today! Cute squirrel doing some 'gathering' popped into my head!

Day 9 - Seasons, I went with the season of Autumn. I've been wanting to experiment with painting with coffee for ages and I thought the theme would work well. I did a study of leaves, seed heads and branches. I love the tones the coffee creates. I used three different strengths of coffee.

Day 10 - Chill, I went with something a little more abstract, I was inspired by frost crystals! Played with a wet-on-wet technique and some salt. Once the background was dry I went back in with some white acrylic paint to add the frosty crystals. Here's a closer look.

Day 11 - Tea, I added a few biscuits in too! I used some more of my hand-carved stamps for this one.

Day 12 - Apples. A quick watercolour sketch of various apples and apple blossom.

Day 13 - Leaves. Quick leaf shapes in autumnal colours using watercolours.

Day 14 - Acorn. Found my oil pastels in the back of a drawer!

Day 15 - Socks. Tried some watercolour and pen to illutstrate these pretty socks!

Day 16 - Boots. Some fun cowgirl boots, watercolour and white pen. The watercolour worked really well to create the leather effect!

Day 17 - Family. Found this one a bit tricky, went with some lettering and family circle idea!

Day 18 - Park. Back to the oil pastels for a loose woodland scene.

Day 19 -Spices. Black pen, cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg and some cloves, nice shapes to draw.

Day 20 - Pie. I went with a slice of apple pie on a vintage plate in watercolour.

Day 21 - Cabin. An inviting log cabin in the woods, covered in snow. Wouldn't mind being there! Watercolour and black pen.

Day 22 and 25- Scarf and Hat. Watercolour and brush pens, reminds me of a hat and scarf my daughter used to wear.