Not a tattoo doodle

Not a tattoo doodle - student project

Hi, Alice! Thank you so much for this class, i had a great time listening classsical music and working on my project! I believe it will really help me to improve my calligraphy skills!

Well, first of all i need to say before this i had only 1,5 and 2,4 parallel pens. I've never thought about getting anything bigger because i've learnt italic (a bit) and it didn't make any sense for me to use another sizes (even 2,4 looked huge). But i'm glad i gave a chance to 6 mm - it looks great! And it feels so right to work with!

Seems i choosed not the best paper for these exercises, you can see that messy on my first list, but i can't easily find any of recommended papers here in Russia so i just took the paper i use for my calligraphy training - IQ Selection Smooth. I don't like the final result so i'll try a marker paper next time. Also i had to use 2,4 for the 3rd exercises but i think it's pretty fine.

First doodles.

And the last one.

I tryed to photoshop my work but you see my ink bleeded. More of that it won't work as a tattoo design because i didn't left enough spaces between strokes. I'm going to keep practicing warming up on worksheets! My next goal is to make it more clean and to make some more difficult design - an idea of symmetric design with thin lines seems pretty challenging!

And i have a question about dots - how did you do it? With a corner of your pen, right?

Thanks again, Alice, for your class!