Not Sure Yet !

Not Sure Yet ! - student project

I am working on a project where I am dissecting this title [above] and examining how we use it daily but in different vernaculars. 

I have been doing the very things that Rebecca was talking like writing things down where I could. Recently, however, I have been opening many different Window's Wordpad and placing a few words/phrases on each of the pages and then simply create a title for that page that is related to the theme of the indiviual words. Then, each themed title will get stored under other titles related to the words on the different pages. 

Documents\Blogging\Art\words+PhrasesJuly 2018


Well, that was a difficult piece of writing. I hope that it is understood.

Getting back to my creation of notes for my blog/s; after I do those things I tend to close the document/s, move on to something else and abandon the words and the ideas that, at one point, I was estatic to write about.

In closing there is one thing that I want to mention regarding the available programs on line that Rebecca had mentioned. I find that I often need to go into a training course just to understand how some of those programs function. Which becomes annoying in that I lose my enthusiasm to continue with my creative idea project. In fact, sometimes I paste or write the idea down where I think that I ought to put it in the program only then not be able to find it the next time I open the program to work on my project.