New York Scale

New York Scale - student project

Columbus Circle is one of the most beautifully put together spaces in Manhattan.  After watching Jason's Skillshare I knew I wanted to shoot Columbus Circle for the perspective shot.  I was looking to capture the expansiveness of the circle, the scale of the buildings and the color of Central Park.

The city is always crawling with people, it's high energy and being immersed in so much culture can be a beautiful thing.  But the bones of the city (its architecture) also holds so much beauty, and creating an image where the city appears empty is like an act of clearing the mind.  So in Photoshop I erased a few people and cars, which took some work but was worth it when I saw the man looking up in the center/right of the circle.  I shot this in November and posted it to Instagram ( for this assignment, and then realized to make it official I had to post it here.  Thanks for the perspective Jason!  Loved this class.