New Knife Skills!

New Knife Skills!  - student project

Update I : New Knife Skills! 

Thank you for this great class and technique's Elana!!

Because I cook very often these handy tips are very helpfull to me to be more efficient in the kitchen.

I sliced, diced and julienned some of the vegetable's: Spring onion's, Carrots, Onions and Red Peppers.

What I have learned is this class:

1) Holding my knife correctly (Untill now I was doing this wrong, not anymore!)

2) Rocking, pushing and pulling motion (I was doing it the wrong way! at this point I laugh about it!)

3) Having trouble slicing through the skin of a tomato, sharpen your knife! (Definitely needs to be scharpen)

Practice makes perfect! ( I know what to do! )

Update II : Green Detox Smoothie!

I did make a green detox smoothie my way and why not use my new skills!

These are my ingredients for my green smoothie: Water, Ginger, Spinach, Cucumber, Lemon, Banana and Apple.

1: Poor 500ml water in the mixer bowl.

2: Put two hands of spinach. ( let shake for 45 seconds )

3: Take two lemons and cut them both in half, then squeeze them out.

4: Take 20 grams of ginger and then cut into fine pieces. ( let shake for 20 seconds )

5: Take one cucumber and use only 1/3 of it, then cut into pieces. ( let shake for 45 seconds )

6: Take one banana and then cut into pieces. ( let shake for 30 seconds )

7:  Take two apple's and cut them in half, repeat this again! Remove the core and cut into pieces.

( let shake for 1min 30 )

Enjoy your green smoothie!