Neuromarketing Project - EnergeX

Neuromarketing Project - EnergeX - student project

The Neuromarketing techniques I have used that were taught in the course are - 


1. Irresistible Heading - By replacing a word of a common phrase.


2. Manipulate Attention with Eye Gaze - Picture of Doctor looking at the headline and Pointing towards the copy.


3. Use colour for evoking emotion - I have used Blue, Black and Yellow colours for evoking different emotions


4. Right Price - Given an anchor price of $9.99 after striking the price of $29.99 as a special offer.


5. The Power of fonts to influence the readers - I have only used simple fonts that are easily readable by the readers. I have avoid overlapping or any cursive difficult to read font.


6. A smile goes long way - The Picture of Doctor smiling