National Women's Day - 3 zine portraits

National Women's Day - 3 zine portraits - student project

I have been creating a one page zine once a week as a part of my New Years resolution, as well as I just got myself a new iPad to illustrate on, so I decide to mix this class in with my weekly project and see what came of it.

I chose to illustrate a couple of my favorite women in honor of National Women's Day (with is today! March 8) who are great examples of how feminism can look different, encourage others and respond to the injustice and just plain ugliness in the world.


Because each of these ladies are in the modern spotlight and have such strong characteristics, there were a ton of photos to choose from and work with. Amy was ALWAYS smiling, Margaret seemed to never be taken /too/ serious and made silly faces. Janelle rarely smiled and held herself in a very strong and maticulous pose. 


Amy Poehler, comedian and actress, author of "Yes, please!" and founder of "Smart Girls" community.


Janelle Monae, musical artist, actress in "Hidden Figures" and advocate in the LGBTQ community.


Margaret Cho, stand-up comedian, fashion designer and humanitarian for Asian Americans and the LGBTQ community.


Thank you for the wonderful class and thanks all for having a look. If you want to follow my weekly zine challenge, you can do so on Instagram @MsDuh. I'm looking forward to creating more illustrations using both this style and technique in the future. 

Illustrator + Designer