National Garden Wildlife week.

National Garden Wildlife week. - student project

After watching Sarah Beth's tutorial on planning, I used this process to do a personal project based on the UK's National Wildlife week. It was a wonderful opportunity to do something based around gardens and focus on those little creatures that live in your garden or in the forests. 


I started with a mood board and collected references.


Here, I researched lots of photos of nice gardens, animals and tools. 


My mind map was done on paper and I seem to have lost it in a pile of papers, sorry. 


Next, I looked into style references. I wanted to explore some new techniques in 3D and play around with vegetation (plants and trees)



I looked into colours:


Next, I did a few really rough storyboard ideas. This is the part where I wished I had spent more time on as I found myself getting a bit lost with the core part of the story. Scribbling your ideas first is a good way to start. 



I drew a few simple doodles of the assets I needed to create in 3D and a visual style reference. 


Next, I started to develop some style frames and play around with the light, textures and how everything would be positioned. 


I had a few cut frames where I showed close-ups of the bee coming close to the flower.



and the wellington boots eyes getting bigger with excitement.



Here's the final animation. 

Some points that I would do next time really follow the process of doing the mind map, colour blocking and more research into references. I loved how Sarah did message to her client and I will definitely use this. Thanks again.