Nametastic - student project

Once upon a time... I watched this course.

Thinking differently, I thought it would be good to imagine a name for a fake company I invented.

Thing is... It is all about pancakes on a bicycle.

1 - Gonna offer? Pancakes! Soft Pancakes, Sweet Pancakes, Smelly Pancakes
2 - USP? Home made, ecologically correct pancakes, sold on the back of a bicycle! Grandma's Pancakes, Eco Pancakes, Green Pancakes, Bike Pancakes, Pancake Cycle, Pancycle.
3 - What are my costumers gonna get? No preservatives, low salt and sugar, tasty, unique pancakes. 
4- Solve what? Make pancakes low on fat, sugar, gluten free, and so, in order to attend to special orders, and distribute that without burning fuel.

So I thought about a logo with a name wich came to my head.