NYC with ogseige

NYC with ogseige - student project

Hello, my name is C.J. from Washington D.C. I recently took a trip to NYC and captured the shots required for this project, I hope you guys enjoy! 

1. Street Portrait: In my opinion the street portrait is the most authentic subjects to capture when it comes to street photography. Capturing a portrait of a complete stranger can be difficult because you don't know how that person will react. The thing that I enjoy the most about street portraits is capturing emotions, you don't know their story but facial expressions can tell it all for a stranger. This was taken around 2:00 AM heading back to Brooklyn and I saw this couple looking very stressed, tired, sad, all of the above but you can tell the emotions are strong in this photo. 

2. Look Up:  A personal favorite of mine, the architechure of the building was pretty solid. I took that photo somewhere in Manhattan near Grand Central, I love how the clouds are some what brought out in the window reflection. I wish I had a 14mm wide angle to capture more of the building itself and surrounding buildings in the area.

3. Motion: I didn't have a UV filter to do long exposures during the day so I had to put my shutter speed to 4 seconds and ended up capturing a cab in motion as a result. The loction of that spot is an overpass on Park Avenue right in front of the Metlife building.

4. Night Shots:  Night photography is my favorite, whenever I get a shot at night I feel accomplished because I had to work for it. Shooting at night takes more skill in my opinion becuase you really need to know how to use your camera in this situation. For example you need to know the correct ISO, shutter speed, aperture and focus on your subject to get the shot. Instead of posting a long exposure for the night shot I decided to post a portrait. I had to have the right settings at this time to get this, colors of the lights from fish market stood out to me a gave the photo a different vibe.

These are my four submissions and concludes my project for this class.

Instagram: @ogseige