My office

My office - student project

I'm messy, I've tried ever so hard not to be but I can't change it. This is my office, we run a business from home so need a lot of space for storage for office items and filing. My desk is two benches joined together with 5 filing cabinets as "legs" for the desktop.  I have a daybed in there for the cat apparently! (Which also serves well when we have visitors - the fish tank ((which needs a good clean!)) is directly opposite the daybed) The shelves are offcuts of one of the benches, the little vivariums are practise for a larger project I need to do, but love them and they will stay as the cat tends to get into open plants. It is cluttered, I know, but I can find everything I need when I need it and we did this office a few years ago, I'm happy that I have done a few things right! Lmao please ignore the bits in the hallway - we are renovating.My office - image 1 - student projectMy office - image 2 - student projectMy office - image 3 - student project