My new Etsy shop: Art prints

My new Etsy shop: Art prints - student project

Hi! My name is Tania, I graduated in Arts and Design at Massana school in Barcelona in 2012. I opened an Etsy shop three years ago. I used to sell handbags and purses but I didn't like to sew so it was hard for me and I closed the shop. That stage enable me to realize what I really liked: illustration (I hadn't done it before out of fear). I started to illustrate fabric prints and I felt really connected to myself. Then I continued to make several illustrations and It was really fun and exciting! I feel like I want to do this every single day all my life. 

My work is inspired by nature, plants, animals, food, the city where I live (Barcelona); interior spaces, vintage style and daily situations that inspired me positivity. I use mainly watercolors and gouache, also ink, markers and color pencils: I love to experiment with new materials and I'm addicted to learn new skills. That's why I love Skillshare :).

I just reopened my store with seven products (art prints) and I hope to fill it with many more.

Thank you for your class Parker!

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Some pictures of my first prints :)