My nature sketchbook

My nature sketchbook - student project

Here are the pages from my nature sketchbook that I was working on in the class.

On the first page (left) I followed a heron and quickly sketched its shape and silhouette. I later added watercolor, and my observations in text.

On the right side you can see the yellow leaf, bark with lichen and ivy leaf. I outlined all the objects with a pencil, then added watercolor in several layers, and in some cases added a bit of ink over it. I also added my notes (questions and wonderings) in text, as well as a more detailed study of the lichen.



On the next page you can see the different kinds of berries demonstrated in different techniques. Watercolor, ink, marker pens and colored pencil can be combined to get interesting effects. I added a few notes here as well. Notice that I added a bit of white gel pen on the leaves in the lower left - my camera didn't record this part, but I think it makes the leaves more realistic.

Nature Sketching & Illustration

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