My name is.. | Brushpen logo design

My name is.. | Brushpen logo design  - student project

27 NOVEMBER - getting comfortable with the brush pen 

Hi everyone!

Here is the first part of the challenge "For the Love of lettering". I've been trying to get comfortable with using my brush pens. Hmm.. It doesn't feel comfortable at all yet..:) May be it needs some more time. 

I started with some strokes and letters. I used Pentel brush pen and Tombow dual brush pen for this.   

And then I wrote the word "minimum" in different styles. I tried to experiment with the slope, size and shape of the letters. I discovered that some brush pens of the same set could be much softer that the other. The softest brushes are much easier for me to write with.

Now it's time to start the next part of the challenge!:)

1 DECEMBER - Build muscle memory through repetition writing the name, discovering unique ways to explore ligatures and letter relationships

I guess I'm little bit behind with my poject, but I'll try to catch up these days.

Guys, thank you very much for your likes and comments. I really appreciate it!

For today I practiced a lot with making drills and writing my name with different brushpens. I also made some sketches with a pencil. And then I had a problem: I could't make the same strokes with brushpens as I did with a pencil. I know, it's not nessesary to make the logo with a brushpen, but I wanted to try it. But anyway.. I found a way to make something I was quite satisfied with. 

The sketches:

And the practicing. This is just a very small part of it:)


And then I tried to draw the letters with a pencil. I pretty much satisfied with the first "Julia", but I don't like "Henze" at all. It needs much more thinking. May be for this time it's better if I do just my first name.   

Hmm.. the longer I look to the "j" on the first and the third try (on the very right side), as more I doubt. The first one is more dynamic, but the whole word is not cohesive with this "j". The third try matches better with other letters, but it looks a little bit boring. I'll think about it. If someone has some suggestions, please let me know.:)

7 DECEMBER - finish

After some thinking time, I still prefer the first version, because it looks more interesting than the third one. 

When the scanning, tracing, refining, drawing in vector, etc. was done, I thought I could make the composition of the word more balanced bij adding a kind of curl to the letter "J". I took the tail of the letter "a", paste it before "J" and then connected them to each other.  Now I like it much more. 

I know, it's not perfect, but for the first time it's ok. 

Added some words (with rounded corners, of couse:) and.. voilà! The logo and the challenge are completed.

Matthew, thank you very much for this very informative course! I really learned a lot.

Thank you everyone who liked my work, supported me and wrote comments! I appreciate it very much.

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