My logo = )

My logo = ) - student project

I established my brand through my mission statement, values and ethics in the previous project which I felt helped me alot in defining what I would even like to portray within my artwork. 


I'm thinking stamps, watermarks, general logo, letterhead, "signature" on illustrations I'm not putting any limits on what I will use this logo for because I want to do a lot with it. 

I AM creating two different types of logos for my brand. One is what the they call the "iconic/symbolic" logo. This one can obviously stand alone if I need it to do that. The other type of logo I am creating is the combination mark which combines my text (name&job) and my iconic mark.


(...Back from vacay...)


So I found a font before I went away I found a font I really liked. 

Wask New. A condensed sans serif font. 

I'm really drawn to sanas serif fonts and that contemporary feeling.

Just today I found a new font. Rounds Condensed, and I really like the different weights, not to mention the little description which expounded on the perosnailty of the font which I think relays over well with my brand. Within the font package that I could play with if I bought it. In my brief I decided that I would buy a font if it costed less than $20, this font costs $18, so it's right within my budget. 

I'll take photos of my sketches for my symbol and post them tomorrow. I REALLY want some feedback on them, and one in particular.


My Rough thumbnails. I really like the bottom symbol the best without the diamond-like structures around it. I'm not sure if I like the symbol just by itself, or with a thick or thin circle surrounding. I'm pretty sure when finalizing it I will look at these three versions through Illustrator. 

My symbol is a combination of a pencil/pen/wacomstylus plus the shape of an "S" which stands for my name which will also be my business name. 


I don't think scalability will be a problem becase of how bold and simple the logo is.


I use Adobe Color to mainly figure out what color schemes I want to go for in most of my artwork. For this I looked at my previous moodboards of work that I was inspired by/would like to create and took from the colors throughout those pieces. 

I ended up with this, for my whole brand color scheme.

When finalizing my logo I'm pretty sure I'll only pick two colors to be in the logo. I want it to look nice, fun, and approachable, but not crazy with colors.


Different versions of my logo. Leaning toward the purple symbol and blue green lettering. However this is the Wask New font, though I do like it I want to still try out the Rounds Condensed font I just have to buy it.

Rounds Condensed font...

Personally I like the contrast of the round and hard edges between the font and the symbol. 

I'm VERY open to feedback, I'd love to hear from you guys!

These are the three i like the best SPECIFICALLY the middle version. It's really the one I want to go with!

The font and font color is what I'm going with for sure. Just having a hard time deciding on what colors should be in my symbol.

Got some people's opinions of what to go with and I've decided to go with the middle version. I've also lowered the symbol over top of my name. As I stated in the beginning of my project my symbol wil be used not only as apart of the combination logo but also as a standalone symbolic logo.

Suggestion was made that I should balnace the left part out (pencil). So I did, and I like it better. The one that states "Wider" is the one I'm going with!