My journey to an 'unconventional' career...

My journey to an 'unconventional' career... - student project

Is it possible for me to change my life in a year? The answer is YES; I just need to start putting in the work. Striving for a life online is a tricky one... however I know it is attainable with a lot of hard work and dedication! I would love nothing more to earn a full time wage from work I can do online, whether that be from uploading to YouTube, to selling stock images and videos online, or affiliate marketing; there is so much that my skillset allows me to do that I need to start making the most of. 

We see so many creators living this 'dream life' online, but how often do we see a journey of someone literally starting from the bottom and making their way to where they want to be; and documenting the whole process authentically. I'm hoping that I can be that living proof and inspire people to get out there and chase what they really want in life.

One of my favourite quotes by Jim Carey: 'You Can Fail at What You Don't Want, So You Might as Well Take a Chance on Doing What You Love'